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Hier ist eine Liste kommender Art of Hosting-Trainings weltweit. Es sind zumeist dreitägige Veranstaltungen, in denen du in das Art of Hosting eintauchst und die Grundlagen dazu lernst. Manche dieser Trainings haben noch einen zusätzlichen spezifischen Fokus, der über das allgemeine Training hinausgeht; dieser wird meistens in der Aufforderungsfrage (im Call) formuliert.

Es können auch andere Events hier gelistet sein, die aber alle die Qualität von Einstiegsveranstaltungen haben (also keine Vorkenntnisse benötigen) und deren Design sehr stark auf der DNA von Art of Hosting beruht.

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7 March - 9 March 2018, Tuheljske Toplice (surrounding of Zagreb), Croatia

The Art of Participatory Leadership for corporate business and public administration

How to work more participatory and use collective intelligence in my organization? How to deal with complexity and navigate between chaos and order? How to lead from where you are now?

For the last 5 years, AoPL trainings in Croatia are recognized as specific opportunity to explore, learn and practice why participatory approach and hosting meaningful conversations works in corporate business, public administration and organizational context in general. Participatory leadership is increasingly used in many organizations around the globe for supporting organizational change by engaging collective knowledge and innovative capacity in all staff, for strengthening collaboration and working across silos and for building advanced leadership capacity by nurturing self-organization and courage in people to step in and take charge of the challenges facing them.

We had participants from different industries and diverse countries, some of them already have participated in AoH/AoPL trainings, but joined us because of being attracted by purpose, location, hosting team and opportunity to meet new peers and practice together.

As a hosting team, we feel commitment to continue to meet this business need based on many years of practical experiences and specific knowledge of hosting the field as internal practitioners and external consultant! 

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Hosted by:Jan Hein Nielsen, Cate Valentine, Miljenka Plazonic Bogdan, Blanka Lasic, Jasmina Lukacevic

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Early bird available till 31st December 2017. Individual price 780€ , team option 660 € per person. We invite managers, experts, team leaders, project managers, consultants, internal trainers and staff from all organizational areas (Human Resources, Business, Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Communication, etc.). In just 3 days, you will learn methods and tools, understand process framework, start to practice, exchange ideas with peers, design projects and gain courage to use new skills in your work!

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