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Hier ist eine Liste kommender Art of Hosting-Trainings weltweit. Es sind zumeist dreitägige Veranstaltungen, in denen du in das Art of Hosting eintauchst und die Grundlagen dazu lernst. Manche dieser Trainings haben noch einen zusätzlichen spezifischen Fokus, der über das allgemeine Training hinausgeht; dieser wird meistens in der Aufforderungsfrage (im Call) formuliert.

Es können auch andere Events hier gelistet sein, die aber alle die Qualität von Einstiegsveranstaltungen haben (also keine Vorkenntnisse benötigen) und deren Design sehr stark auf der DNA von Art of Hosting beruht.

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2 March - 4 March 2018, Indianapolis, United States

Leading Change: Building Our Collective Capacity

How might we become committed leaders, equipped to navigate uncertainty and complexity, facilitate connection, and produce powerful results, even in the face of significant challenges?

Our world needs committed leaders who are equipped to navigate uncertainty and complexity, facilitate connection, and produce powerful results, even in the face of significant challenges.

The Leading Change intensive seeks to answer this call by training participants to facilitate meaningful and impactful collective interventions, fostering a network of resilient, healthy, and socially-just businesses, communities, and systems.

The Leading Change team, in partnership with the Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation, is excited to offer the Indianapolis community an innovative leadership training focused on facilitation. We believe a good leader is a facilitator; a host. The kinds of participatory processes and mindful listening that we will teach are essential capacities for any leader who wants to build and unleash collective impact. Join us to build your capacity in facilitation: the art of making the very most of our time together.

Have you ever walked away from a meeting or conference where you knew so much more was possible, so you felt dissatisfied with the results? Were you wishing for more connection, exchange or the earnest exploration of joining forces for collective impact? We spend so much of our time gathered together in meetings and conferences where we confirm what we already know, rather than explore possibilities. Skilled facilitation is the art of making that time together as productive and meaningful as possible. It is from this meaningful collective space that new insights and energy can emerge, building a pathway towards the change we need.

Building on combined 13 years of participation in the Art of Hosting community of practice, and many years of training sustaibility leaders at Byron Fellowship, this intensive course is specifically designed for social change agents, professionals, emerging and seasoned business leaders, and those working in collaborative environments.

During this three-day intensive, participants will cultivate a set of facilitation skills that provide a solid foundation for leading change in diverse communities and systems. The Leading Change team will guide participants through a process of learning by doing, by inviting attendees to exchange and explore their unique experiences, challenges, and wisdom in a collaborative, participatory learning environment. Participants will have an opportunity to practice the tools in real-time, receiving live feedback and coaching on their facilitation approach.

Drawing from three transformative methodologies and approaches to facilitation, the Leading Change team will equip participants with tools, practices, frameworks, and principles to facilitate dialogue among diverse groups of people, bringing about real solutions to real world problems. Participants can expect to form relationships with other change-makers from the Indianapolis community and beyond, who seek to bring about meaningful action. Attendees will emerge from the intensive with a possibility for collaboration on future projects, and an ongoing learning community.

Hosted by:Dana Pearlman Amelia Terrapin Anamaria Aristizabal Laura Yates

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Pricing Student – $275 Public Sector & Consultant – $675 Corporate Partner – $1200 Limited need-based financial assistance available – please inquire. Learn more about our Partnership Opportunities, which include discounted registration fees. The registration deadline is Friday, February 23, 2018.

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