Art of Hosting

and Harvesting Conversations That Matter

What does training in Art of Hosting entail?

The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations That Matter is typically a three day, intensive, action learning experience.  Training can also be offered in a modified two day or an extended four day form.  Most trainings are residential, but many are not.

Unlike most trainings, participants are encouraged to gain hands-on experience by stepping into hosting the different methods, supported and coached by the Hosting Team, which includes seasoned stewards of the Art of Hosting practice.  At the same time, the Hosting Team will offer models, practices and support for participants to explore and consider both the theme of the training – chosen because it is appropriate to that time and place – and the deeper practice inherent in hosting conversations that matter.

Because hosting meaningful conversations for change is, at heart, complex systemic work, you should look at your first Art of Hosting training as a point of entry into a continual learning journey – there is so much more to learn than what can fit in a 3-day seminar!  You will not become an experienced practitioner by attending one training, but you will be on the road to deepening and expanding your practice.

Participating in an Art of Hosting training is also an entry into a generous and active community of practitioners spread across the world. You will most likely find people who live near you with whom you can connect to continue to learn and practice, as well as learning from the international community.