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Here is a listing of upcoming Art of Hosting trainings worldwide – mostly 3-day events where you are immersed in and learn about the basics of Art of Hosting. Some of these trainings have a specific focus on top of the general training, mostly mentioned in the calling question.

There might be other events mentioned in this list, but they will all have entry-level quality (so no previous experience required) and will rely heavily on the Art of Hosting DNA for its design.

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12 October - 16 October 2017, Bogotá, Colombia

AoH Mates Gathering Colombia

What are we learning as a community of practitioners about working in polarized contexts?

The flames were blazing after the first Art of Hosting Mates gathering in Brazil. Its’ ashes left a legacy; the spirit of revolution, which calls us to gather once again, to share, to heal while conversing and celebrate.

Increasingly the complex world in which we live presents us with challenges; the democratic expressions of 2016, the tensions, feelings of division and polarization.  We are living this revolution, how can we dance with it?

Continuing in the spirit of the last encounter, let’s meet again this year in 2017, as friends, as  “parceros”, to bring music to this re-evolution together, to learn, to share our experiences and to build together. Through our quests we will discover the paths that will lead from gathering to action, we will continue to dance and serve our communities, with the art of hosting and leading through participatory practices.

​We are calling on Art of Hosting mates, “parceros”, practitioners of participatory leadership, all those motivated to share their practices and learnings in a meeting space for conversation.

Who is the gathering for?
For social entrepreneurs, facilitators, managers, public employees and any other change agents interested in co-creating an emergent future.

For all who are not satisfied with the current way of living and looking to strengthen their daily leadership skills while wanting to do so with outmost respect for the web of life and the earth.

For organizations, communities and groups that want to fuel their missions, improve the harmony and internal dialogue, inhabiting the planet with greater sense and satisfaction.

Learning opportunities
We want to open the space so the participants of this gathering can interact with local players and initiatives in the Colombian society- getting closer to the realities of a country that is renouncing the old to give room for the new.


Hosted by:Karen Mendez, Octavio Aguirre, Rowan Simonsen, Jose Barco, Pablo Villoch, Josefina Maturana, Marcela Sotelo, Linda Joy Mitchell, Martin Castro, Cecilia Soriano and Carolina Escobar

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