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Here is a listing of upcoming Art of Hosting trainings worldwide – mostly 3-day events where you are immersed in and learn about the basics of Art of Hosting. Some of these trainings have a specific focus on top of the general training, mostly mentioned in the calling question.

There might be other events mentioned in this list, but they will all have entry-level quality (so no previous experience required) and will rely heavily on the Art of Hosting DNA for its design.

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2 November - 5 November 2017, Ninh Binh, Viet Nam

Participatory Leadership Training in Vietnam 2017

How can we create collaborative working cultures ​where people and business can thrive?

What challenges do you face in the workplace? 

How do some organizations support growth, innovation, and collaboration while others seem to suppress it?

Do you want to learn how participatory leadership can enable a thriving work culture?

If so, join us for the 2nd Art of Hosting Vietnam, a 4-day training that aims to share with you practical methods to improve creative cooperation and collaborative culture. 

True learning happens only with concrete practice. The intense four day training creates a hands-on, open space where you will learn, practice, and ‘host’ conversations with other participants exploring the question: How can we create collaborative working cultures where people and business thrive?

✪ What is the Art of Hosting?
The “Art of Hosting and Harvesting conversations that matter” is a nonprofit global community developing participatory leadership methodologies that aim to address complex challenges in collective organizations through dialogue, facilitation and co-creation.

More concretely, it is a structured set of practices for facilitating group conversations of all sizes, supported by principles that:
✔ Maximize collective intelligence
✔ Welcome and listen to diverse viewpoints
✔ Maximize participation
✔ Transform conflict into creative cooperation

Want to see how Art of Hosting works in real life? Check out our website to see how you can use these methodologies in your organizations:

Ready to create a more collaborative workplace now?
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Hosted by:Steve Ryman, Tracy Chaplin Meisterheim, Marjeta Novak, Narayan Silva

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Early bird special is $530 per participant, excluding VAT! After October 1, the cost is $580.  Price covers all costs of accommodation, transportation, learning, and meals! More than 2 are coming from your organization? Great! Each receive a 10% discount. If the price presents a problem, don't let that prevent you from attending. We want to include everyone with a strong commitment to participate so please contact us about arranging an alternative fee.

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