Art of Hosting

and Harvesting Conversations That Matter


Just as participatory leadership is becoming a topic of interest at work, so the conversation about citizenship is rising again. How can we support people with a wide diversity of experience and opinion work well together in support of their communities? How can we help all voices be heard and all people to contribute?

Art of Hosting practice is being used in a wide variety of community groups and organisations, as well in as a wide variety of public settings including supporting the conversation about peace in the Ivory Coast, exploring new ways of living and working in Greece, bringing wise action to calls for public transformation in Slovenia and Egypt and in many other places around the globe.

Art of Hosting as a community practice

  • Kufunda Village in Zimbabwe, is a self-organizing rural learning village, using the Art of Hosting pattern as its foundation. Kufunda means learning in the Shona language. You can hear Marianne Knuth, the founder, speaking about it in this video.

Hosting collaboration through conversation and inquiry in local communities

Article about how AoH is being used to engage a large community, a whole city – Leeds. Written by Linda Joy Mitchell, and an article published about this work in the International Association of Facilitators Newsletter.

Article: Hosting collaboration (Leeds, UK)