Art of Hosting

and Harvesting Conversations That Matter

Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

Art of Hosting practice is a powerful way to work collaboratively on intractable and multi-stakeholder isses.These types of problems have no quick fix, instead they demand the ability to work emergently and in complexity. In addition, there is a need to make sure diverse opinions are heard, people feel they can contribute, and there is room to come in and out of the conversation as participants are able.

The Art of Hosting is being used as a basis for innovative work in healthcare, education, with young people, in the justice system and in many other places.  It enables those feeling called to grapple with large issues both a framework and an approach that hones their skills, builds their capacity and offers an invitation to others.

Creating a just financial system

The Finance Lab, a project with the guiding question: How can we create a financial system that sustains people and planet? Co-initiated by a group from WWF and a think tank of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wales. Here you can read an interview with one of the co-founders.

The Financial Innovation Lab has built a diverse community of over 2,500 people who are committed to changing the system, where people who have good ideas about how to improve the financial system can take them and do something with them.

Tasting the Future – creating a sustainable food culture

Another project co-initiated by WWF: Tasting the Future, a growing community of practitioners working towards a sustainable food future. – a most beautiful prospectus tells you all about it, partners and different phases of the project:TastingthefutureProspectus