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Art of Hosting Trainings

Here is a listing of upcoming Art of Hosting trainings worldwide – mostly 3-day events where you are immersed in and learn about the basics of Art of Hosting. Some of these trainings have a specific focus on top of the general training, mostly mentioned in the calling question.

There might be other events mentioned in this list, but they will all have entry-level quality (so no previous experience required) and will rely heavily on the Art of Hosting DNA for its design.

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2 October - 8 October 2016, Hotel Bor in the coastal health resort Debeli rtic, Slovenia

Practice Gathering 2016

How we stay in practice together, even as life demands our participation in ways that might seem overwhelming. How do we practice across all sorts of diversity like geography, language, age, gender, etc.? How do we strengthen our ability to work in emerg

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5 October - 8 October 2016, Geneva, Switzerland

5th Art of Participatory Leadership Switzerland!

How can you exercise leadership in a way that fosters collaboration and advances the potential of your organisation?

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5 October - 7 October 2016, Geetbets, Belgium

Art of Participatory Leadership

How do we unleash the power of participation and collaboration towards stronger and more meaningful outcomes for a better society? And what are your leadership challenges to create space for self organisation and participation?

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19 October - 22 October 2016, Hilversum, Netherlands

The Businesscase for Participatory Leadership in Business

How can we rethink our approach to leadership, to grow our business and bring all of our humanity to work?

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24 October - 25 October 2016, New York City, United States

Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter in Responding to Trauma in our Communities

What does it take to come together and have the courage to host conversations in response to traumatic events in our communities? How do we engage with open minds and open hearts to consider the intersectionality and complexity of racial and economic

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26 October - 28 October 2016, Brisbane, Australia

Art of Participatory Leadership

How can we shift from transaction to transformation in our leadership?

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26 October - 28 November 2016, Lima, Peru

Art of Hosting Lima 2016

¿Qué nuevas realidades podemos crear si nos juntamos a conversar?

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8 November - 10 November 2016, Calgary, Canada

Art of Hosting YYC 2016

Are you looking for innovative ways to engage in meaningful, impactful conversations in your workplace, community or family? Are you interested in new forms of leadership that generate fresh thinking and create a shared commitment to solving critical cha

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13 November - 16 November 2016, Bowen Island, BC (near Vancouver), Canada

The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations and Participative Leadership

What matters now? Hosting conversations to support change.

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1 January - 31 May 2017, Brighton, United Kingdom

Art of Hosting Brighton (and Beyond)

“How do we build businesses and communities where everyone can lead, to create a city where everyone feels they matter and belong?”

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