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Art of Hosting Trainings

Here is a listing of upcoming Art of Hosting trainings worldwide – mostly 3-day events where you are immersed in and learn about the basics of Art of Hosting. Some of these trainings have a specific focus on top of the general training, mostly mentioned in the calling question.

There might be other events mentioned in this list, but they will all have entry-level quality (so no previous experience required) and will rely heavily on the Art of Hosting DNA for its design.

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23 October - 25 October 2017, Innsbruck, Austria

Wie bringen wir gute Veränderungen in Gang? Art of Hosting: Drei Tage für Beteiligung und Wandel

Wie bringen wir gute Veränderung in Gang? Welche Art von Veränderung wollen wir in die Welt bringen – lokal vor Ort, global für die Erde und ihre Menschen? Welche Veränderungen wollen wir in der Gesellschaft, in der Politik und in unseren Unternehmen?

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30 October - 1 November 2017, Eildon, Australia

Art of Participatory leadership Victoria

What’s​ ​possible​ ​when​ ​we​ ​actively​ ​connect​ ​and​ ​co-create the​ ​organisations​ ​and​ ​communities​ ​we​ ​long​ ​for?

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2 November - 5 November 2017, Kalundborg, Denmark

Art of Participatory Leadership

​How does the leader of today step up and connect with others in wise, transformative collaboration?

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2 November - 5 November 2017, Ninh Binh, Viet Nam

Participatory Leadership Training in Vietnam 2017

How can we create collaborative working cultures ​where people and business can thrive?

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5 November - 8 November 2017, Loveland, Colorado, United States

Art of Hosting: Rising to Our Potential

In these tumultuous, intense times, who or what is waiting for YOU to rise to your potential?

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6 November - 10 November 2017, Baga, Goa, India

Participatory Leadership Training Intensive

How can our shared leadership safeguard the future of Goa?

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10 November - 12 November 2017, Portland, Maine, United States

The Art of Collaborative Leadership

How do we go beyond "outreach" to engagement while building leadership capacity?

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12 November - 15 November 2017, Bowen Island, Canada

The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations and Participatory Leadership

Building together our hosting as craft?

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13 November - 15 November 2017, St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

Art of Hosting

In times of great complexity, there are no simple solutions. Knowing this: How do we begin building and sustaining collaborations across sectors that leverage resources, deepen relationships and create greater impact?

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16 November - 19 November 2017, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Art of Hosting Colaboração

Vamos conversar significativamente a respeito de colaboração?

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23 November - 26 November 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Art of Hosting Societal Innovation

How can we build the capacity and the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world? How can we unleash the power of collaboration to create a better society?

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27 November - 29 November 2017, Bregenz, United States

AOH-Training - Wie gelingt es uns, Innovation und Kooperation im Land zu fördern?

Wie gelingt es uns, Innovation und Kooperation im Land zu fördern?

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29 November - 2 December 2017, Zeist, Netherlands

Art of Hosting in The Netherlands (in Dutch)

Creating an open space for discovering, learning, co-creating, and designing the future as it emerges!"

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5 December - 7 December 2017, Bad Boll, Germany

AUFBRUCH! Lebendigkeit und Veränderung in Kommune, Kirche und Zivilgesellschaft

Unsere brennenden Fragen: • Wo erlebe ich Verkrustung, Stillstand, Lebloses in Kommune und Kirche und was möchte ich gerne bewegen? • Was bewährt sich und soll erhalten bleiben? • Wie

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7 March - 9 March 2018, Tuheljske Toplice (surrounding of Zagreb), Croatia

The Art of Participatory Leadership for corporate business and public administration

How to work more participatory and use collective intelligence in my organization? How to deal with complexity and navigate between chaos and order? How to lead from where you are now?

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